Process Development Co-Op (PhD)

  • Opportunity Profile:
    • Project Description:
      Acetate metabolic engineering project consists of two phases. Phase 1 is the proof-of-concept study on model strain K12, which is ongoing; Phase 2 is the application of dynamic metabolons technology in industrial production strains. The incumbent performs experiments at Devens facility of BMS. Optimized constructs and induction conditions obtained from Phase 1 study on model strain will be applied to the production strain to modulate acetate metabolism, but recombinant protein titer will be added as a critical parameter to further optimize induction conditions and timing. The metabolic profiles and production performance will be compared side by side between the engineered and non-engineered production strains. Bench-scale bioreactors/fermenters and the associated scale-down models may be needed for comparative performance evaluations.
      Year of Individual(s) Requested: PhD
      Major(s): Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology                                             
      Location of Assignment(s): Devens, MA
      Duration of Assignment(s): January 2020 to June 2020 (Co-Op)  
      Required skills:
      Genetic manipulation
      Construction of protein expression vector
      Creation of E. coli protein expression strains
      Bioreactor/fermenter operation and data interpretation
      Metabolite measurement and microbial metabolism data interpretation

      The incumbent will learn and perform metabolic engineering to improve bacterial strains for recombinant protein productions under industrial setting.