Biologics Development LC-MS Co-Op

  • Opportunity Profile:
    • Biologics Development LC-MS Co-Op


      Project Description:

      Charge heterogeneity is often considered one of the critical quality attributes in protein therapeutics. The charge species of a protein could reflect glycosylation, post-translational modification and fragmentations. Therefore, it is required by health authority agencies to monitor product charge variants at release and stability studies.


      Ion exchange chromatography (IEX), imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (iCIEF) and capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) have been widely used in monitoring charge variants. During method evaluation for various therapeutic proteins, it has been observed that although both iCIEF and IEX were able to achieve good resolutions, different relative percentages of charge variants were observed using iCIEF and IEX.


      In order to understand the commonality and difference of separation among IEX, iCIEF and CZE, we will develop an IEX-MS and a CE-MS method for detailed characterization of charge variants present in various therapeutic proteins. In this study, a diverse sample types will be analyzed to understand the difference between the orthogonal charge variant analysis methods.


      Year of Individual(s) Requested: Freshman     Sophomore     Junior     Senior    Masters    PhD


      Major(s): Chemistry or Biochemistry


      Location of Assignment(s): Devens, MA

      Duration of Assignment(s): January 2020- June 2020


      Required skills:

      Hands-on experience with mass spectrometry analysis of biomolecules;

      In-depth experience with intact protein analysis and mass spectrometry method development is a plus;

      Attention to details;

      Good communication skills;

      Prioritization for projects with a timeline


      The co-op will be working in the analytical method development group based in Devens Massachusetts. The project will primarily focusing on development of novel analytical methods using LC-MS and CE-MS for direct and accurate characterization of charge variants present in various therapeutic proteins.