Lab IT Co-Op (Digital Plant)

  • Opportunity Profile:
    • Project Description

      1. Establish Biometric Proof Concept implementation for Devens Lab and Manufacturing benchtop instruments.

      2. Define tools for IT review of Audit Trail as a requirement from data Integrity.

      3. Create tools towards site data Integrity program.

      4. Onboard atleast 1 instrument in lab space.


      Required skills:

      Soft Skills

      • Ability to understand and apply software solutions.

      • Ability to work independently and within teams.

      • Strong interpersonal skills

      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


      Technical Skills

      • VBA/ Coding / Programing Experience

      • Engineering

      • Bio/Chemical Process Knowledge

      • Project Management


      Year of Individual(s) Requested:  Junior, Senior, Master


      Major(s): Any Science Major. Preferred- Computer Science, Information System                       


      Location of Assignment(s): Devens, MA

      Duration of Assignment(s): January 2020-June 2020 (Co-Op)



      These Co-Op positions with Devens Digital Plant(IT) offers a great opportunity for candidates with programming skills to learn and implement automated solutions to help improve the efficiency among different group. This will provide a good understanding of the biopharma operations.