2020 Co-op Global Quality Analytical Science and Technology (GQAST)

  • Opportunity Profile:
    • Project Description:
      Titer is an important attribute for both upstream and downstream process development and manufacturing. An accurate, sensitive and robust analytical method is necessary for the evaluation of target biologics concentration from harvest or in-process samples during cell culture or various purification steps. The goal of this project is to gain accurate titer information from crude cell culture samples or in-process samples by developing a Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) method and comparing it with the current HPLC method.  Upon the demonstration of improved accuracy and sensitivity of BLI, the new method will be qualified or validated.
      Year of Individual(s) Requested: Bachelors, Masters, PhD                                     
      Major(s): Chemistry, Biochemistry or Analytical chemistry                              
      Location of Assignment(s): Devens, MA
      Duration of Assignment(s): January 2020 to June 2020 (Co-Op)
      Required skills:
      1. PhD or MS students with chemistry or biochemistry background. Strong analytical and solid math skills are required.
      2. Excellent bench skills, attention to detail and proven track record in handling, analyzing and recording experimental data are required.
      3. Hands-on experience with binding assays, affinity separation technique with UHPLC, UV-VIS spectroscopy, Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) and SDS-PAGE.
      GQAST is looking for an engaged and self-driven candidate interested in learning and performing analytical techniques and experimental design, as well as studying analytical method development, qualification and validation within a biologics manufacturing organization.