Machine Learning Programming Intern - Spring 2020

  • Opportunity Profile:
    • Main Purpose:
      We are looking for an innovative and creative Global Team member for the BMS User Experience Innovation group in the discovery and redesign of digital capability.
      • Understand Natural Language Processing and AI learning systems.
      • Database structures (e.g. SQL, NoSQL)
      • Understand Python and JavaScript
      • Collaborate with product managers, business owners and Service Desk Reps
      • Assist with development ofbusiness analytics and processes
      • Discovery, build & design of new digital capability including conversational UI’s and AI
      • Minimum of Associates Degree with STEM disciplines and Business background preferred
      • Strong logic and analytical skills
      • Strong communication skills and the ability to develop and confidently deliver polished presentations
      • Professional writing experience
      • Experience or knowledge of artificial intelligence, speech recognition technologies, or machine learning
      • Experience with speech recognition and CLP/NLU/NLG systems a plus
      • Understanding of Speech/Voice User Interface/Natural Language Voice User Interface design a plus
      • Speech recognition software and/or telephony experience a plus
      • Ability to work in a global environment
      • Understanding of Record tracking tools (e.g. Service Now) a plus
      LOCATION: Tampa, Florida